Friday, September 28, 2007


Something you tend to do a lot when you're managing a company is signing stuff. Sometimes you're signing cheques, sometimes expense reports and occasionally even Christmas cards (one time we did over 1000 - the next year we were lazy and "printed" our signature with the cards).

A couple days ago Ray and I were happily signing away in our hideout in the BioWare office (aptly named Shattered Steel after the first game we worked on) when Ray commented that he thought he had a really nice signature. In fact, it he said he thought it looked better than mine! I was taken aback! I have an awesome swoopy G-Z combo that I think makes my signature both slightly legible, but also very stylish. Ray's has some very circular letters with a nice big curved underline. I think it's pretty hard to tell which one is actually better.

Overall I had a pretty cool day today: I saw a very impressive chunk of one of our upcoming games (I'm not going to tell you which one because it is sort of a "secret") and then played Mass Effect for most of the evening on a gargantuan screen with sizzling sound. Since I think I'm such a hotshot I decided to play Mass on one of the jacked up difficulty levels and I'm proud to say I got my butt kicked royally and decided to write this stuff while I contemplate a new strategy. I will shortly return and take my revenge; wish me luck.

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