Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Beginning

Well, this is my first post. Pretty exciting.

As I write this I'm watching a Coventry v. Preston North End match on the television in a London hotel room and purposely avoiding catching up on my email. Preston is one up at the half - they're singing live Opera for the half-time show - very cultured. I'm off to see the Arsenal v. Portsmouth match tomorrow (happily it looks like I'll actually make it this time after the last debacle when I missed Arsenal's opening game against Fulham a few weeks back). I was out for dinner with a pal from Microsoft last night and went to Navajo Joe's (their website says they're known for loud food and spicy music - the music was relatively loud and the food was decent, but not all that spicy).

My original title for this blog was going to be something like the Randomizer, since you'll soon discover (or you won't if you don't read on) I'm excellent at tangential thoughts. Zero Gravitas struck me as a partcularly clever title of an AI-driven spaceship in the Ian M. Banks novel Excession, so I thought I'd use it as the inspiration for this Blog.

My final thing to share with you is an interesting link to a video of an ancient rotating disc featuring a Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye duet of "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing." These discs were once used to store and replay music in an analog form - crazy! When I showed the video to some folks around the office they asked, "is that it?" I was appalled! What else is there?

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