Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fun Times!

Wow - it's been a while since I've updated this - I've now gained great appreciation for how much work it is keeping an actual blog going, not a fake one like this. Today, I'm going to talk about some entertaining things that happened to me at work over the course of the last week. Quick summary: nothing really amazing. I could reveal to you some good traveling stories as we were out of the office at a secret location at the end of last week, but that would be telling! There were some missing adornments invovled, but nothing as interesting as the Ballad of Bags Los Banos so that doesn't make the cut!

First, I was chatting with someone about my blog (not, that I'm self indulgent or anything) and this person said he/she wasn't interested in reading it! My curiosity naturally piqued I quickly inquired if it was due to some fundmental flaw in the structure, or perhaps my japes were weak; why would someone not want to read it? This person said, and I was aghast when I heard it, that blogs are inherently self-indulgent and they just didn't get them! Well, that is probably true; why on earth would you want to write one if you didn't feel you had something novel to share. (In my case I thought it might be interesting for people to learn about some of the odd things that happen to us, or simply to share some of the daily antics. Inquiring minds might want to know!) Anyway, I know that this person I was speaking to will be appalled that I mentioned all of this, so I'll see what they think of it when I ask if they've read my blog yet tomorrow!

Second, Facebook is quite entertaining. It has probably already happened to a lot of people, but I believe we've got issues with serious Facebook addiction here at BioWare. I'm not pointing any fingers, but since John Shepard has joined Facebook there's been a veritable explosion of Facebook messages flying about. I'm thinking of doing an intervention but I'm not sure if I can find a posse to help me out as they're all addicted as well!!! It's funny how you can find a game in almost anything. I also didn't know you could have too many invitations to friends sent out. I discovered this today.

Third, Ray and I are known for quite a bit of shtick, this often occurs while we are doing public speaking and making presentations but also during our various meetings at BioWare. Of course we can sometimes be serious for serious meetings, but in our natural habitat we tend to do a bit of joking around. Today we got accused of being a bona fide comedy team! The amazing thing is at that precise moment we weren't actually joking! This put a damper on my sudden image of me and Ray being the next Abbott and Costello; I was working on this great game development themed version of "who's on first" - here's a link for all you kids out there - I'm not sure if it's cool anymore but it was the bee's knees back 70 years ago when I was growing up! Somehow at one point today we had a discussion of "stories that needed to be told" which naturally evolved into "songs that needed to be sung" and at that point the meeting was over!

That about does it for another thrilling installment in this neverending story. I did get some positive feedback on the blog, which was most appreciated. Bags told me that my words helped him to fondly recall the story of his lost luggage and our good times traveling across Europe doing press demos of Mass Effect. He also noted that his schnitzeling experiments have generally failed, but that veal seems to work remarkably well. I was very proud.

I would share some funny clip with you, but I'm just too lazy (plus my emulation build is ready to go - time to play). Go watch Abbott and Costello again.

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