Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lookout, Hernia!

I'm not sure why I latched onto this one but it seemed a little odd to me. I was reading the BBC football website (that's proper football, FYI, not American football) about how a famous, injury-prone player once again is out with an injury. He's not out because of a hernia, but they're going to check him for one. (Why not since he's out anyway?) Back in the medical days the famous "turn and cough" examination was one of my less favorite things to perform (there are a few even more unpleasant examinations, but this is in the top 5). Of course the crack medcial team will probably just do a MRI to detect even the most minute defect in the abdominal wall rather than just feel his groin looking for bumps and protrusions.

The real oddity was the fact the BBC felt it was important to put a "what is a hernia" message at the edge of the screen which you could then click on to learn more about hernias. I learned that Prince Charles had a hernia! (The story was from 2003, so he probably had it fixed a while, and probably with some manner of golden royal mesh rather than the usual kevlar mesh that other people use). I had a bit of an anatomy refresher and also learned that eating fibre is good! I learned that "trusses" can be used for keeping them in place and remembered that's a fancy name for corset. Ultimately I thought that this whole hernia discussion could be expaneded into a more forward facing media campaign titled "Lookout, hernia!" (though I was thinking that you could do a ... between the two, calling it "Lookout... hernia!) The whole thing seemed a bit strange, but that might also be because I'm particularly punchy today.

I have a strange download suggestion for you today - I suggest you go to the Littlest Man Band's website, join up and download their live appearance on KUCI (a California radio station). Richard doesn't like them, which makes me very sad. He says he doesn't like Scott Klopfenstein's voice, which I just don't understand. I think he's just misguided and will have to speak with him more as the LMB is swell, very swell. Sure, they're different but that's ok!

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